Jason Grindle | Headshot Prep

Tips For Amazing Headshots (Corporate or Theatrical)



1. Have a nice variety of clothing and hair options.


2. Know who you are and what you want to portray (soft, inviting, firm, the leader, etc).  Practice the looks you want to portray in the mirror.  Yes, even for corporate headshots.  We want to shoot who you are. 


3. This is your shoot and you have control over it at all times.  What I do is capture your image.  I am always happy to make recommendations as to what I have seen work in the past. 


4. Make sure you have a variety of shirts (different colors, textures, collars, styles) so that we can pick and choose based on what's working for you. Solid colors are usually best.  Please stay away from thin stripes or checks and big logos.


5. If you've got anything specific you want to do for one of your characters (for actors), we might be able to do a few extras. 


6. Make sure you stay hydrated between now and the shoot.  Avoid salty foods for a day prior to the shoot so that you are not bloated.


7. Avoid anything that may stain your teeth on the day of your headshot photographs.


8.  Have manicured nails in case the end up in the shot.  It is a great idea not to have distracting colors or patterns. Skin tone polish or a clear coat is ideal.


9. Start using eye drops now if you need to.


10. Check your grooming CAREFULLY in the mirror before we shoot.  Specifically look for any skin that needs scrubbing, or hairs that need controlling (eyebrows, ear hair, nose hairs, facial hair).  Especially the hair on your head!


11. Haircuts that are too fresh look too fresh.  Try and have your hair done two weeks prior to the shoot unless you have your hair done every two weeks.


12. Avoid drastic sun exposure (sun burn) prior to a shoot.  Do not think that this does not apply in cold weather!!!  I have had sunburn in 30 degree weather.


13. Be 90% camera ready, and have some supplies so you can touch-up hair or makeup for “just in case” or after a wardrobe change.


14. Try to avoid mineral based (Bare Minerals) makeup. It does not look right on camera.  If in doubt, a professional make-up artist would not be a bad investment.


15.  The camera catches everything good and bad so be happy and have fun!!  If music sets the mood, have your music ready but not blaring.  We want to communicate and not scream to do so.


16.  We are not in a hurry.  We are working on getting great shots, not rushing so schedule when you do have time and let’s get some amazing stress free shots!


For those that have never shot with a professional photographer PLEASE (a few of you that have still need to read THIS article).  You will appreciate it and so will I.