Jason Grindle | headshotsforvets

To give back to so many people that make life better, I go to Job Fairs specifically geared to veterans and their spouses.  Some are unemployed, looking for work, while others are getting ready to transition from military life back to civilian life.  

Without getting into political rant, these young men and women offer their lives, their limbs, and endure things mentally that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.  It truly disgusts me to see the old rich men get richer through the sacrifices of our service members.  They are rewarded by these men by having their benefits slashed.  No veteran should ever be homeless or without a job.  

With the importance of social media and job groups like LinkedIn, a headshot might be exactly what opens the door of opportunity to a veteran.  

If you are a group putting on a Job Fair for veterans, feel free to contact me and I will happily do headshots for the veterans or their spouses at no cost. If you as a reader know of a veterans Job Fair, email me the link please.